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Exploring our future in a changing Arctic
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Report to the President
Managing for the Future in a Rapidly Changing Arctic
SNAP and ACCAP contributed to a report to the President of the U.S. The report highlights the need to coordinate and use the best available science to integrate cultural, environmental and economic factors in decision-making about development and conservation in the Arctic.
SNAP Maps Tool: Climate Visualizations
Climate Visualizations
SNAP is striving to implement useful climate data visualizations that make sense. The new map tool, with its interactive titles, forms the basis for future data and mapping enhancements.
Your Community: Community Climate Projection Charts
Your Community
Change affects people and communities. Our Community Charts tool allows you to look at how temperature and precipitation regimes will be altered over the next 100 years, across Alaska and Western Canada.
SNAP Collaborators
SNAP Collaborations
Collaborating with others is a large reason SNAP is able to succeed and produce some of the most useful projections of future conditions across the Arctic.
Landscape Connectivity
Landscape Connectivity
Utilizing climate projection data from SNAP, the Connecting Alaska Landscapes into the Future Project used selected species to identify areas of Alaska that may become important in maintaining landscape-level connectivity given a changing climate.
Photo Courtesy of Chuck Young, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Downscaled Climate Projections
Downscaled Climate Projections
SNAP takes coarse resolution global climate model (GCM) data and downscales it to higher resolution. This makes it more useful for agencies and decision makers to plan for climate change.
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We develop plausible scenarios of future conditions through a diverse and varied network of people and organizations, which allow better planning for the uncertain future of Alaska and the Arctic.

What we do

SNAP is all about helping people plan in a changing climate. We work with a wide range of partners and collaborators on many projects to explore a range of possible futures based on the best scientific knowledge and data available. SNAP also strives to make our resources available and our methods known. SNAP has a strong partnership with ACCAP that allows us to leverage each other's strengths in order to inform a broad audience.