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SNAP Coordinator, Research Faculty


Dr. Nancy Fresco is a research professor at UAF and SNAP's Network Coordinator. As such, she either leads or contributes to many of SNAP's projects. Her work focuses on forging effective collaborations, linking SNAP data to the needs of stakeholders, and interpreting the results of complex modeling efforts. Her background is in biology, forest ecology, and environmental education.

Nancy has been an Alaska resident since 1999.  She completed her undergrad work at Harvard in 1994, and earned a Masters from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies in 1999. She earned a PhD in Biology from UAF in 2006, as part of an interdisciplinary program in Regional Resilience and Adaptation. Her research focused on the carbon balance in Alaska’s boreal forest.

She spends as much time as possible outside, cross-country skiing, hiking, running, and bike-commuting to work in every variety of Fairbanks weather. Nancy and her husband Jay Cable (a programmer for UAF's Geographic Information Network of Alaska) have twin daughters.