Collaborate with Us

Through our dedication to iterative processes and close partner relationships, our research and visualization tools continually improve. We engage with our partners to explore and explain uncertainties in a transparent manner throughout the research and planning process.

Working with SNAP can include anything from creating a user-friendly map or graph from one of our free web tools, to a fully funded multi-year collaborative partnership.

Possibilities to collaborate include:

Explore SNAP’s web tools
Need a quick overview of how climate change may affect regions or resources of concern to you? Our website offers a range of free, publicly available tools. Make a map that shows projected temperatures over the coming decades, create a graph showing how precipitation may change in your community, explore how sea ice has changed, or browse all of our data visualization tools.

Download free SNAP data for your project
Do you have expertise in GIS or programming? All of SNAP’s data are freely available to the public. Our datasets include historical downscaled monthly data, projected downscaled monthly data, and derived products for Alaska and parts of Canada. Each dataset includes appropriate descriptions and metadata. If you wish to use our data for commercial purposes, please contact us.

Format and analyze data for your specific project needs
Are you looking for a specific data set, or are you unsure which of our datasets will help you approach the problem in mind? When possible, SNAP provides advice and guidance to data users. However, given that we are a grant-funded research group, more complex projects require us to seek support for our programmers, analysts, and faculty.

Incorporate scenarios planning perspectives
Explaining model uncertainty and exploring the stories and ramifications of multiple possible futures is at the core of SNAP’s work. Our staff are trained in scenarios development. Talks, workshops, or long-term funded partnerships can help apply the scenarios thinking to your planning or management goals.

Embark on a fully integrated scenarios planning project
SNAP’s greatest strength may be in integrating our data, modeling expertise, and our programming skills with our training and skills in communication and scenarios planning.  Collaborations such as our work with the National Park Service highlight how planning efforts can benefit from an integrated approach.

Explore the full breadth of our research projects and collaborators—or contact us to begin collaborating with SNAP today!