Our Expertise

Planning We integrate information from multiple sources and help people envision different futures so they can make decisions despite uncertainty.

Data Analysis We host and compile data and build visualization tools to analyze and explore system interactions and to ask and answer challenging questions.

Communication We interpret and communicate our results so that our partners and the audiences they serve can confidently plan for and respond to change.

SNAP integrates current research and lessons from the past to help people manage uncertainty and make decisions about the future. We work with our partners and clients to develop information and facilitate the processes they need to think about and manage complex, real-world problems.

Our approach

We have a professional staff with expertise in data science and analysis, statistics, geographic information systems, remote sensing, visualization and cartography, software programing, engineering, ecological modeling, print and web design, communications, and project management.

Having a dedicated staff allows us to leverage every project in ways traditional research groups may not be able to. We strive to evaluate needs, deliverables, and requests across all projects, instead of through a single project-specific lens. This harder approach requires foresight and planning, but in the end delivers a more robust, defensible, and broadly applicable product to our collaborators. It also allows us to share data, products, tools, and insights with a greater community of climate researchers and planners.

What issues do we address?

We live and work in Alaska and the Arctic and are passionate about understanding the systems around us. We strive to bridge physical, ecological, social, and economic research and local knowledge to understand complex systems.

We are housed within the International Arctic Research Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks—a global and national center of arctic expertise. We also maintain strong links to research institutions in Russia, Japan, and Canada.

Our projects address:

  • Ecosystem change
  • Fire and post-fire processes
  • Permafrost, hydrology, and water resources
  • Public safety and infrastructure
  • Forestry, mining, and resource development
  • Subsistence and wildlife resources
  • Sea ice and coastal erosion
  • And, much more.

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