SNAP introduces new data portal

IEM vegetation model

There’s a new data portal in town.

Downscaled, historical and projected climate data products for Alaska and Canada created by the Scenarios Network for Alaska + Arctic Planning (SNAP) are now available through a more streamlined data portal. The new portal will speed data publishing and make it easier for users to find, filter and transfer data.  

The portal is based on the open-source platform CKAN, which is used worldwide by governments and organizations such as to power both official and community data portals. SNAP data and metadata are presented on an intuitive web interface that allows users to browse and search. The portal’s underlying technology also allows third-party applications and services to be built around it.

The SNAP data team is excited to launch the project, which has taken six months to develop and test.  Operations Lead Tom Kurkowski says, “Our new data portal will help our users access our downscaled climate data products. And, it will be an effective starting point for building other web tools that will access information about SNAP data.”

Users can filter data by topics well as download datasets such as thermokarst, fire and vegetation, slope complexity, sea ice concentration and more. New datasets are continually being added.

Learn more about SNAP data and enter the Portal