Data Analysis

Data products

Depending on the use and the audience, we use tables, charts, web applications, maps, and animations to illustrate and analyze the data. Users of our data products range from the public and community planners with limited experience analyzing data, to technical researchers and developers. Some of the data analysis tools we have created help users study:

  • Temperature and precipitation change in Alaska and Canadian communities
  • Changes in historical sea ice extent since the 1800’s
  • Growing season projections for the next century
  • Temperature change maps for Alaska’s National Parks
  • And, much more.

Explore the full breadth of data visualization resources in the tools + data section or download GIS compatible files for your project needs.

Learn more about the ways you can collaborate with SNAP, or contact us if you are interested in data development, analysis, synthesis, or visualization tools.


We work with climate data every day, and recognize when one tool or technique may be most appropriate to display a specific trend or pattern, in the most objective and unbiased manner possible. We also recognize the multiple inherent sources of uncertainty when utilizing projections of climate, and have the expertise to explain and interpret those as well.


We most often work with state and federal agencies, NGOs, and academic collaborators, but we can also help private sector businesses obtain pertinent data. Please contact us to discuss commercialization opportunities or collaborative R&D activities.