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We can work with you to plan for a changing climate 

How might climate change affect you?

Use our web tools to get an overview of how climate change may affect regions or resources of concern to you. 

Download, format, and analyze SNAP data

Do you have expertise in GIS or programming? SNAP data are freely and publicly available. Datasets include historical downscaled monthly data, projected downscaled monthly data, and derived products for Alaska and parts of Canada, including descriptions and metadata. If you wish to use our data for commercial purposes, please contact us.

Are you looking for specific data, or are you unsure which of our datasets are best for your purposes? When possible, SNAP provides advice and guidance to data users. However, given that we are a grant-funded research group, more complex projects require us to seek support for our programmers, analysts, and faculty.

Incorporate scenarios planning perspectives ... and more

We make information accessible to audiences with varying levels of technical and communication expertise. Explaining model uncertainty and communicating the effects of multiple possible futures is at the core of SNAP’s work. Talks, workshops, or long-term funded partnerships can help apply scenarios thinking to your planning or management goals.

For larger projects, we can make all of our services available by integrating our modeling and programming skills with our expertise in communication and scenarios planning.


Contact us learn how we can assist you with your next project.