Chugach climate change scenario planning

SNAP, along with the UAA Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER), is collaborating with Chugach National Forest (CNF) and the US Forest Service to project ecological and socioeconomic effects of climate change in the Chugach region.

Scenarios will be shared and discussed at a professional workshop, and used as the basis for additional discussions among scientists, managers, and stakeholders. SNAP will:

  • generate, organize, and bundle climate scenarios (spatially explicit data) for the Chugach region
  • serve as a consultant for facilitating transfer and manipulation of data by ISER and CNF staff 
  • create basic environmental and biological interpretations to enable further analyses

The exact interpretations to be provided by SNAP are being determined through consultation among ISER, CNF, and SNAP scientists.

Areas of expertise: 
Scenario planning
Research collaboration
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