Managing for the Future in a Rapidly Changing Arctic: a report to the President

In April 2013, the Interagency Working Group on Coordination of Domestic Energy Development and Permitting in Alaska issued a major report intended to guide policymakers in decisions about the Arctic.

The report highlights the need to coordinate and use the best available science to integrate cultural, environmental and economic factors in decision-making about development and conservation in the Arctic.

Intended for the President and other policy makers, the report solicited input from Alaska stakeholders, including SNAP and ACCAP professionals who contributed concise, objective, and engaging information about climate change, development and other Arctic issues. Staff found, synthesized, and visualized data, and developed ten figures for the report.

SNAP's work in scenario planning is also specifically mentioned in the report as a recommendation: "Planning in the face of uncertainty … can be enhanced by recognizing a set of plausible futures, or 'scenarios' … a variety of scenario-planning efforts underway in the Arctic could provide the type of forward-looking information about development trends important to Integrated Arctic Management …"