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cottonwoods hike

Cottonwood Mountains, Death Valley National Park.

Designer + Web Developer


I work with SNAP's communication and tech teams, using skills in visual design and web development to distill scientific methods, results, and relevance into audience-focused and attractive products.

I am a designer, front-end developer and content manager for these websites and associated print publications, graphics and branding efforts:

Originally from Massachusetts, I completed a BS in Business Communications (1988) at Southern New Hampshire University and eventually moved to Fairbanks, where I joined UAF University Relations in 1996 as a designer. While at UAF I completed an MSc in Natural Resource Management (2004), studying the growth and ecology of interior Alaska black spruce. I have also worked for the North Pacific Research Board and the Alaska Ocean Observing System in Anchorage to help communicate their ocean science research in print and online. 

Unpaid activities include trail running, rock climbing, skiing, and backpacking with my husband Mike ... and my pie-from-scratch technique is unstoppable. Learn more about me via my design portfolio or LinkedIn profile.